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Logo Headphone for Kids

$14.99 USD
By iJoy

  • THE SAFEST HEADPHONES FOR YOUR KIDDO: Expertly designed to provide hearing protection for your kid’s sensitive ears, these kid safe headphones offer crystal clear sound quality without any ifs and buts. Featuring a 85dB volume limiter, your child can enjoy their favorite music or videos with utmost safety. Plus, the headphones can be adjusted up to 94dB to offer great sound input even on noisy or busy settings.
  • WITH BUILD-IN MICROPHONE FOR ENDLESS USES: These wired kid-safe headphones come with a excellent-quality rotatable microphone your child can use to join online classes, participate in virtual educational seminars, have a chat with their friends, play fun games and so much more. And the best part? When the mic is not needed, they can turn it upwards to keep it out of their face.
  • CUSHIONED, OVER-EAR HEADSET FOR ENDLESS COMFORT: Thanks to the cushioned ear pads and the over-ear design of these sound-limiting headphones, your little human can wear these for hours on end without feeling the slightest discomfort. Along with the fully adjustable headband for customized fit and flexible construction that can withstand even intense use without falling apart, these are the perfect school headphones for any kid or teen!
  • COOL DESIGN | 3.5mm JACK FOR UNIVERSAL CONNECTIVITY: Even the pickiest school boy or girl would love the bold design of these amazing kid-safe headphones that come in a bold blue or pink color. With a 3.5mm Jack for universal plug and play connectivity, the iJoy children headphones work like a charm with most smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, gaming devices, smart TVs, MacBook laptops and so much more.
  • WITH iJOY’S EXPERTISE ON ALL THINGS TECH: Focused on creating the most handy headphone accessories for kids and adults alike, we are confident that your children would love their new wired classroom headphones. With a 60-Day Replacement Policy, you have every good reason to make this gift to your little one, completely risk-free!